Do NOT hire an interim project manager if… #pmot

Interim Project Managers1) You need additional Project Management resource for the foreseeable future; in this case you will be better off engaging someone on a “permanent” salaried basis, even if finding them will take longer.

2) Your processes are so specific any new recruit will take several months or even years to become familiar with them.

3) You want to engage an individual (probably younger) you can mould to fit your organizations culture.

4) Your organization is expanding at a steady and predictable rate.

However, sometimes an Interim Project Manager is the best solution if:-

1) You have identified a short to medium term lack of resource in the Project Management arena.

2) You want someone quickly who can make an immediate impact.

3) You have a specific project which requires targeted resource.

4) Your organization is expanding rapidly but unpredictable.

When employing additional resource be sure to take into account the circumstances in which it is to be deployed.

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