Six Sigma & not a widget in sight………

call-centre-worker When we think of Six Sigma we often picture “widgets” and manufacturing processes. This is because of the history of Six Sigma snd it’s origins with Motorola and electronics manufacturing.

Nowadays Six Sigma is just as likely to be applied in Service Industry Oganizations.

One example is the Insurance Industry. In this highly competitive business customer focus and satisfaction are key. So how would Six Sigma be applied in this situation ?

In Six Sigma we need to measure a key parameter which is important to the end Customer, so in this example we could pick the number of days between reporting a claim and receiving financial settlement.

We would then look at all the factors in the claims process which influence the end result. By removing sources of defects and delays within the process we could then streamline it so that the customer receives consistent and timely service. Once the process was in control we could introduce SPC on our key parameter to maintain Statistical Control.

….and not a widget in sight !

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