LEAN doesn’t work….

LEAN workers need training

LEAN workers need training

…unless the workers on the “front line” are given the autonomy and authority to make key decisions about product quality and the structure of their work. They also need the authority to be able to stop the line should a quality issue occur.

LEAN only works when the workers are enmeshed in the decision making process and their responsibilities rewarded with more secure contracts and conditions.

Some organizations try to introduce LEAN on a piecemeal basis but this will only lead to disappointment. In order to implement a LEAN strategy successfully workers need extensive training in order to exercise their autonomy effectively. This means a real commitment from Management to Training and personal development.

An effective LEAN strategy depends on a complimentary commitment from workers and management.



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1 thought on “LEAN doesn’t work….

  1. Pointed out very nice. LEAN will only work if you challenge responsibility on all levels of the working process and that often means that you need a complete change in management paradigm. Command&Control doesn’t help any more!

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