10 great reasons for #freelancing & #contracting


Following on from our last post about Freelancing here are some great reasons
you might want to go down this career route:-


  • Have you got a low boredom threshold ? – Freelancing allows you to choose
    the length of your contracts based upon your own preferences. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months – whatever suits you so your never anywhere long enough to get bored.
  • Do you thrive on a challenge ? – instead of sitting around doing the same old thing, getting stuck in a rut every contract opportunity presents a fresh challenge, new people to meet, new things to do.
  • Do you like traveling ? – open up your horizons by working in different
    parts of the country……. or even other parts of the world.
  • Fed up of Office politics ? – Freelancing allows you to ignore petty
    politics & get on with your job. You’re there to complete a task to the best of your abilities not to impress the boss into giving you promotion.
  • Would you rather have the cash than holidays or other perks ? – contracting offers higher rates of pay without the frills associated with “permanent” employment.
  • Do you enjoy looking for work ? – a serious question, if you love interviews you will love freelancing !
  • Are you available at the drop of a hat ? – if you are you may be offered a contract on the basis of a telephone interview as long as you are prepared to start immediately.
  • Can you handle uncertainty  ? – some people love not knowing what they will be doing in 6 months time – if you can embrace this you will get a buzz out of freelancing.
  • Are you sociable & outgoing ?  if you don’t enjoy meeting people &
    integrating you had better stick to that day job.
  • Are you flexible & adaptable ? – If you can join a new organization & hit the ground running, adding real value & making a big difference – contracting might just be the career for you.



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