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Team building is not all about weekends away in the Lake District building rafts & swinging through the trees. Effective Managers employ simple everyday methods to build team performance. Here are 10 tips for great team building:-

  1. Do as I do not as I say. – If you ask team members to carry out tasks you either cannot or wouldn’t do yourself you will quickly lose respect.
  2. Eliminate the blame culture – Organizations which have an overwhelming blame culture are unproductive & waste energy. Avoid blaming others, especially in public, and seek to improve your own performance & those of your team.
  3. Open & Honest Feedback – is to be encouraged. If you want to question a team members performance it must be done in private & in an open, honest manner. Be prepared to hear things you don’t want to hear but don’t be afraid to point out weaknesses you feel need to be rectified.
  4. Don’t delegate irresponsibly –  by overloading your team or passing off un-savoury tasks you don’t fancy doing yourself. This will only create resentment & lower morale.
  5. Get your hands dirty – now & then, the team will really appreciate it – and so will you.
  6. “Big Up” your team – to Senior Management instead of taking the credit yourself.
  7. Have an “open door” policy – to listen to people’s personal problems, it will be much appreciated.
  8. Show Leadership – by taking responsibility for failure as well as success.
  9. Treat others as you would have them treat you – it’s obvious but the best advice normally is.
  10. Celebrate Success – buy the drinks, cakes – whatever but celebrate that win !

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