Developing an Innovative society – Part Deux

If we want to develop an innovative society we need look no further than Silicon Valley which is the most successful example on earth.1395308240_silicon-valley-sign-lgSilicon Valley has key attributes which are key to its success in generating billions of dollars in revenue & employing millions of talented Engineers who earn enviable salaries. These attributes are not immediately obvious:-

  • It may surprise many to learn that Silicon Valley has a strong military connection particularly with the U.S Navy, many early innovations were as a result of collaboration on Radio & communications systems leading to the Arpanet the direct forerunner of todays Internet.
  • The presence of an Internationally renowned eduction establishment – Princeton – has been key to the ‘Valleys’ success. Princeton has developed & encouraged technically educated entrepreneurs to start & grow numerous successful enterprises.
  • People may be surprised to learn that Silicon Valley is the home to numerous large Law firms who’s accessibility has allowed start ups to quickly resolve disputes & grow rapidly.
  • Over 30% of residents are immigrants. The ability to welcome International migrants who are highly skilled & educated creating a multinational society of entrepreneurs & Engineers is a key component to success.
  • There are many Venture Capital firms in the area which provide key access to funding to ensure prosperity & growth.

All of these key components are essential if an Innovative Society is to thrive & grow generating huge revenue & employment prospects.


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