#Auto output drives toward production record

The UK automotive industry is set to break its all time production record of 1.92 million cars (set in 1970!!) in 2015. These figures are from the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders.

This success is hard won and it has been a long upward climb to return to the heights of the 1970’s. It is hard to believe that UK auto manufacturing then represented approximately a 10% world share. Now it is just over 2%.

A heck of a lot of ground was lost following the 1973 oil crisis and the gradual decline of British Leyland.

Success now depends on innovative Product Design. Take a look at Jaguar Land Rover’s Evoque (see above) which has sold over 100,000 units in it’s first year and has led to 24/7 manufacture at the Halewood plant.

Another great example is BMW’s mini which is turned out at it’s expanded Oxford plant.

Manufacturing in the UK Automotive industry has been revolutionized since the sad days of the 1970’s, much of this led by Nissan in the North East with  the adoption of Japanese manufacturing techniques such as LEAN & JIT.

If we can capitalize on current success the UK Automotive industry has a terrific future.



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