What makes an Organization “Excellent”.. Part II…#pmot…#in

excellent+organization2 How does your Organization treat the people it employs ?

In the last recession it was noticeable how some organizations were quick to fire whilst others made extraordinary efforts to keep their staff. Many of the latter were Automotive companies who valued the skills and capabilities of their workforce. Of course there was self serving interest at work here as skilled workers cost a lot to train, however it is recognised that LEAN Organizations put a lot of emphasis on recognizing and rewarding their staff who, in turn, accept more responsibility as a consequence.

How is your salary calculated ?  Does your Organization have a structured pay scale and take into account National & Regional variations for your pay grade or do you just get minimum wage ?

What about training ?  does your Organization provide regular opportunities for upgrading your skills; does it pay for courses you wish to attend ? or do you struggle to further yourself via education at  your own cost.

How about the Culture ?  A “blame culture” is a sure sign of an Organization in trouble. Laying the blame means you don’t take responsibility for your own actions.

Excellent Organizations treat their staff like their customers.

Is your Organization Excellent ?



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