Greedy greedy Cadbury, greedy Cadbury..

chocolateThat was the chant that went up around the U.K following the decision by the Cadbury board to recommend the latest offer from the American company Kraft for the U.K confectionary manufacturer.

Surely, however, the Cadbury board was only acting in its shareholders best interests – and what’s wrong with that ?

Perhaps objectors could answer the following simple questions:-

If you sold your house would you a) get the maximum price you could or b) sell it to the nicest person for a much lower figure ?

If your boss offered you a 20% pay rise would you decline in the better interests of the Company which employs you ?

Thought so.

Why are people who consistently act in their own material interests find objection when others do the same ?

There are genuine concerns that the Kraft takeover will have a negative impact on Cadbury workers jobs, but those workers do not own Cadbury’s they are employed by them and as a result receive generous financial reward; if they are not happy with the results of the takeover they are free to sell their skills and abilities elsewhere.

It may also be the case that Kraft should not be too surprised if their workforce seek and pursue a substantial pay claim, if neccessary employing industrial action to force their claim.

Maybe if we all acknowledged our own material instincts we could be more understanding of the actions of others.


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