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management consultantsWe provide management consultancy services to support every aspect of your business. With over 20 years experience in business we can support you by providing professional management advice.

Business Planning - Every Business needs a Business Plan but how many start ups fail due to the lack of a comprehensive Business Plan. It is commonly recognized that 4 out of 5 new start ups fail in the first 12 months and a key reason for this is a lack of a proper Business Plan. Your Business Plan is not just used to gain financial support (although this is obviously a key reason) but to act as a "roadmap" for the Business by which progress can be measured and tracked. If you are starting a new business a comprehensive Business Plan is essential.

Writing a Business Plan for the first time can be a daunting experience and this is where we can help. With many years experience in Business and having produced hundreds of plans for different Business propositions we will produce a bespoke plan for your business which includes the following key features:-

Cover page

Table of Contents

Executive summary
Description of Business
Product Summary
Business strategy
Financial Summary
Market Research
Market Trends
External Research
Market Estimates
Business structure
Management Team
Business Location
Business Organisation 
Marketing & Sales
SWOT Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Target Customer Groups
Customer Demographics
Sales Strategy
Pricing and Positioning
In-depth Marketing Plan
Advertising and Promotion
Objectives & Plans
Next 12 Month's Action Plans
Resource Allocation
Budget Allocation
The Financial Plans
Staffing and Employees
Startup Budget
Forecast Profit & Loss Account
Forecast Balance Sheet
Forecast Cashflow
Sales & Profit Forecasts
Sales Charts & Graphs
Monthly Cashflow Analysis
Monthly Profit and Loss Analysis
Monthly Sales by Product
Monthly Costs and Margins by Product
Monthly Balance Sheet
Other Benefits
Bank Preferred Format
100% Editable Unique & Bespoke



business plan

Our Business Plans are completely unique and tailored to your business. We DO NOT supply generic templatesbusiness planning like some other organizations which are mass produced and will not impress anyone, least of all your Investors. Our Business Plans are bespoke, quality documents supplied in PDF form and luxury bound quality heavy duty paper. We will work closely with you through the Business Planning process to produce Business Plans which guarantee success. Whether you want a Business Plan to clarify your Business Objectives and processes, to apply for Bank Funding or to apply for Government Research & Development Grants you need a professional plan which portrays your business in the right light.

If you want a quality, tailor made, bespoke Business Plan please complete our contact form now. 


Communicating and managing communication

- communication and how it is handled is critical to the success of your business. If you are having problems getting your management message across we can help you by reviewing your communications strategy and methodology. We will make key recommendations which will revolutionize your business communications and get your message across.

Effective communication is central to a shared vision of organizational objectives. Why is it that communication always seem to flow more smoothly in some organizations than others ? One reason is that the prevailing communication climate directly influences the extent to which communication is a positive or negative force in the organization. An open or supportive communication climate promotes co-operative working relationships, and is therefore conducive to effective information  gathering and transfer. A closed or defensive communication climate has the opposite effect.

We can help your organization develop a positive communication climate leading to increased co-operation and team working generating a positive impact direct to your bottom line.

Problem solving and decision making - Are you struggling to make decisions and solve problems in your organization. We can help you by reviewing your decision making process and providing you with some excellent tools to aid problem solving and decision making. We will help you establish effective decision making processes to make your organization more responsive and efficient.

Planning and controlling activities - Does your organization lack structure and do activities appear to be haphazard ?  We will review your planning and control operations and suggest improvements which will make a real difference to your operational performance. We will help you put in place effective planning and control mechanisms to increase efficiency and profitability.

Managing information - how is information handled and disseminated in your organization ? Poor Information Management leads to inefficient operational performance. We will review your Information Management systems and make recommendations which will make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Understanding and motivating staff - Do you understand what motivates your staff ? This is absolutely critical to success in the modern business world. We will survey your staff and provide a comprehensive Managerial report which will tell you exactly how to motivate your staff to get the best out of them.

Leading, influencing and persuading others - We will help you understand what makes good leadership and how this key quality can be utilized to influence and persuade others. We will teach you effective leadership strategies which will get your organization moving in the right direction.

Working with groups and teams - Need help making your teams more effective. We can give you tools and methodologies to revitalize your teams and get them firing on all cylinders.

Recruiting and selecting staff - Are you struggling to recruit and select staff ?  We can help you with job design, advertising and interview techniques to enable you to recruit the staff you need for your business.

Managing performance & Performance appraisals - How are you measuring and rewarding staff performance ?

Unless you have a system in place you will be failing to maximize staff performance and your business will suffer accordingly. We will help you develop a performance management system which gets the most out of your staff and generates maximum added value for your business.

Understanding organizational culture - Do you know what your organizational culture is and how it affects your organizational performance ?  We can help you understand this key aspect of your business.

Understanding the external environment and its impact - The impact of Environmental legislation, the price of Oil, Wars in the Middle East - these are all examples of external environmental factors which can affect your organization. We will provide you with a detailed Management assessment of the impact of external factors on your organization.

In the current economic climate it is imperative for your business to control and reduce costs. It is often difficult to identify where excess cost lies within your business and this is where we can help. With many years experience in manufacturing, product development and project management we will review your business from a fresh perspective analyzing your business costs and providing a detailed consultative report which will provide you with a number of options to reduce cost.

If your business is operating significantly less effectively than your key competitors you may benefit from business process reengineering. We will review your business performance and offer solutions to significantly improve your business performance. We can help to guide you through the reengineering process to vastly improve efficiency and add direct to your bottom line.

Time to Market is critical for business today. Every day lost in product development is costing you real money. We can help you by reviewing your product development process and recommending real improvements to get your products to market faster.

Change is inevitable but how change is managed is critical to success. A poorly managed program of change can wreak havoc in your organization. We will help you manage your change effectively and efficiently.

business consultantEvery business needs to manage risks. We can help you by producing a risk management strategy to identify and quantify risks, develop mitigation measures and minimize threats to your business strategy.

With over 20 years experience in manufacturing process engineering we can help you reduce cost, maximize yield, quality and performance.

Our Business Consultants are friendly Professionals with extensive experience to help your business.



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