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Is your company struggling to maintain profitability in the current economic climate ?

Are you finding it difficult to reduce your manufacturing costs ?

Don't know which way to turn ?

Don't worry we can help. has many years experience dealing with reliable, quality conscious outsource sub contractors who can make your product faster and cheaper enabling you to maintain profitability. We have an extensive network of subcontractors and outsource suppliers eager for business.

Many companies outsource key activities. These are generally parts of their operations which are not part of their core value added activities. Many consumer electronic companies add most product value at the product design stage. It therefore makes sense to design and develop their products in house and outsource the manufacture to a subcontractor. This minimizes product cost but keeps the core value added activities within the organization.

Some people criticize organizations which outsource key activities and accuse them of exporting jobs but often the exact opposite is the case. Organizations which would not be profitable manufacturing in house, and would have gone out of business, often find they are able to carry on profitably by retaining the value adding activities and outsourcing those which add little value.

This is where we can help. We have been dealing with outsourcing subcontractors for several years in different parts of the Globe and we maintain an extensive database of outsource partners who can offer all kinds of services at a fraction of the costs in Europe or the U.S.A.

Dealing with outsource partners is a real skill. We understand the cultural differences which exist and know how to overcome them and develop strong relationships with outsource partners.

This is also applicable to software development. We have many contacts who provide reliable, quality software solutions to meet your requirements. We will manage your outsource software development projects to ensure your solution is provided on cost, on quality and on time.

Of course this may mean some change within your organisation but this may be minimized and managed. Outsourcing can actually save jobs in the longer term.  We can also help you manage this change process so that the ultimate result is positive for your company and your workforce.  provides:-

● A complete review of your business process to identify key opportunities for outsourcing.

● A comprehensive Senior Management report quantifying outsource potential.

● A project manager on a fixed term contract to manage your outsource project.outsource consultants


key benefits to the client:-

● A targeted project management resource focused on your outsource project.

● The identification of real financial savings which make a significant impact on your bottom line.

●Outsourcing key activities preserves and prolongs your core business.

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