10 ways to succeed as an Interim…#pmot #in

consultants5Operating as an Interim Project Manager requires a different skill set to that of a regular employee. Here are 10 ways to guarantee success as an Interim….

1) Be flexible – the more flexibility you can exhibit in terms of daily rate, location and job role the more opportunities will come your way.

2) Put the Client first – always act in a professional manner and put the needs of the client first. This will pay off to your benefit in the long term.

3) Make a great impression – find something which needs fixing early on and do it, then tell everyone you’ve done it. A good impression early on reassures the client they have made the right choice.

4) Fit in  to the Culture – If everyone wears a suit and a tie do likewise, if its casual dress on a Friday adopt this code. If you can fit in to the culture you will become “part of the furniture”

5) Avoid politics – this is one of the many benefits of interim work, you really don’t need to get involved.

6) Add Value – whatever the role make sure the client is getting their money’s worth.

7) Get on with everyone – it’s not that difficult, you’re not going to be there forever so don’t make enemies.

8) Act as a guest – you are a guest of your client, act like one.

9) Know when its time to g0 – don’t prolong your term for monetary gain, when your job is done leave. The client will appreciate this more than anything and seriously consider you for a future role.

10) Network – take the opportunity to expand your network and get some referrals.

Do you have any more tips for interims ?



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